“All I can say is that The One Gift, by D. Gary Young, was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. It was a captivating read, both from a writing style and a historical perspective. It also gives one a deeper insight and understanding into what drives Gary Young. The information regarding the oils is invaluable as well! A highly recommended read!”

— Shane Ross: New Plymouth, New Zealand

“I first read The One Gift after returning from Salalah, Oman–the home of Arabian frankincense. I read it every spare minute to find out how the characters would survive sandstorms, robbers, long days apart, hot days of long camel caravans, sword fights with foes, and other exciting adventures. Near the end I found myself wishing that the adventures of Shutran and Mirah would continue in another book.

“Instead, I read The One Gift a second time to explore and understand the nearly 100 times where herbs and essential oils were used. I then read it a third time to simply spend more time with Gary Young.

“I highly recommend that you read The One Gift as a great historical novel that demonstrates the beneficial uses of anciently prepared herbs and essential oils.”

—Cole Woolley, PhD: Lehi, UT USA

“The book was pure joy to me. I traveled with Gary—Captain Shutran—on this incredible journey. Every part of it made me feel I was truly there and traveling the Frankincense Trail with the caravan. I learned many things about the country, the people, the caravans, and the trade goods they carried.

“Thank you, Gary Young, for yet another wonderful way in which we can share these precious oils!”

—Bonnie Abbott Colombo: Royal Paul Beach, FL USA

“I would like to recommend Gary Young’s book The One Gift as one of the next must-read books for you. I don’t normally read fiction books, but I had to make an exception for this one, as there was so much reality buried within its pages that it swept me into the past and let me experience the camel caravans for myself. Plus the bonus was that I picked up some great ancient recipes on how to use essential oils. Fantastic read. This is one you will not regret purchasing.”

—Christopher Lewin: Maleny, QLD Australia

“I recently read The One Gift and found it to be very inspirational. To be so connected to the Source was a great reminder of how easy the flow of life can be. Shutran, his friends, and family lived a difficult life, but his faith always provided strength and connection. I loved how the book ended with the Shutran of the future doing his job in a different way. It was very moving and I experienced a true joy that reminded me of the faith and trust in a powerful source.”

—Catherine: Mississauga, ON Canada

“Gary Young’s book The One Gift describes how spice traders handled camel trains, marauders, murderers, and huge groups of relatively honest men living in tents and away from home for many months at a time through the use of prayer, human psychology, technical skills, and the valuable resins and essential oils they were transporting to far-off lands. The book helps us to appreciate what a gift it is to obtain and use essential oils today from the comfort and safety of our own homes and without dangers the caravaners experienced.”

— Dianne Tzouras: Philadelphia, PA USA

“I have a signed copy of The One Gift from Gary and Mary Young that is a treasure. It sits proudly on my desk for all to see. I have found it hard to read consistently because I am constantly lending it out to whoever asks for it! It is an adventure in courage, both moral and spiritual.”

—Barbara Martinsen: Woodbury, CT USA

“Dr. D. Gary Young’s book The One Gift is truly Arabian. Gary’s countless trips to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Oman helped him recreate ancient Arabia. I believe Gary understands the native people and customs of the Hadhramaut and Dhofar Mountain regions and the Bedu tent-dwelling people of the desert better than most explorers and adventurers.

“When you read The One Gift, you will be visualizing the ancestors of the people and places surrounding Salalah, Oman, where I live. After you read it, I invite you to come visit me in Salalah, Oman, and explore for yourself the world of The One Gift.”

— Mahmoud Suhail, MD: Salalah, Oman

“I found the book exciting—an unforgettable and informative novel that took me totally into the ancient world of the caravans and the lives and adventures of the people. I often think about this story—it truly stays in my mind. I found it extremely touching! I felt I learned a lot about the background of the oils and their worth. I am ever so thankful for the oils. I loved the book!”

—Lilja: Reykjavik, Iceland

“I loved this book and thought it would be a very important book to read, especially for boys and men. There are so many important values presented in the story for men and women to live by; and if we do so, our world would be a much better place. It is a book I want my 11-year-old grandson to read because of the strength of the characters and valuable principles for living a life with integrity. It teaches good character-building thinking, and I loved the recipes and took notes to remember how to use various oils. There are so many powerful messages in this book, and I highly recommend everyone to read it. Read it to your children and share it with others, so the strong messages can be shared.”

—Leslie Vornholt: Boulder, CO USA

“This book is a trip back into history—biblical history. I felt as if I were traveling with Gary. The book was interesting and the knowledge Gary shared of his travels makes for a book I could not put down. Thank you for another gift, Gary Young.”

—Sandy Rausch: Waterloo, IL USA

“I have had the pleasure of working and traveling with Gary Young in his quest for searching, attaining knowledge, verifying facts, discovering the traditional trade routes, and verifying the types and cultural uses of frankincense and myrrh in Oman, Yemen, Somalia, and the Middle East at large. Gary’s motivation and cravings for knowledge are unsurpassed, as he will go to the ends of the earth to achieve this, regardless of the political risks, date and time of day, hardships in getting to the destination, daunting terrain of the landscape, and sleepless nights in the desert.

“Gary and I both have a passion for frankincense and have searched for, identified, and distilled all the different species that we could lay our hands on—all for the benefit of humankind.

“The One Gift is a well-written, romantic journey of a man wanting the world to know about these ancient treasures and most important about one man’s quest for the truth! It is vividly packed with historical illuminations and unforgettable characters—a truly remarkable novel. It is the true journey of a man’s quest to unearth the past secrets to good health and longevity and shines light on the many diverse uses of frankincense.

“He who searches shall find The One Gift. It is a must read for everyone.”

—Sadqa Haq: South Africa

“Awesome book. The historical background plus the adventure made the book draw the reader into the world of eastern culture. The characters came alive immediately, and readers could identify with their character.”

—Linda: Savage, MN USA

“Since reading Gary’s book The One Gift, I was inspired to use the frankincense burner in my home every day because of all the amazing things I read in the book. I love the smell of frankincense; and when I use it, I feel like I am doing something wonderful for us. I thank Gary for every time I turn it on!”

—Flo/Roger Lewis: Holmen, WI USA