The One Gift is a fast paced, exciting, and informative read about the historical frankincense trail written by D. Gary Young, world-renown expert on essential oils. The One Gift’s fictional story embraces ancient truths exploring why frankincense was regarded as more precious than gold.

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D. Gary Young, The Author

An unforgettable and informative novel that took me into the ancient world of the caravans and the lives and adventures of the people. I often think about this story—it truly stays in my mind. I found it extremely touching! I learned a lot about the background of the oils and their worth. I loved the book!

Lilja: Reykjavik, Iceland

I have a signed copy of The One Gift from Gary and Mary Young that is a treasure. It sits proudly on my desk for all to see. I have found it hard to read consistently because I am constantly lending it out to whoever asks for it! It is an adventure in courage, both moral and spiritual.

Barbara Martinsen: Woodbury, CT USA

All I can say is that The One Gift, by D. Gary Young, was one of those books I couldn’t put down. It was a captivating read, both from a writing style and a historical perspective. The information regarding the oils is invaluable as well...a highly recommended read!

Shane Ross: New Plymouth, New Zealand